About Hangsen 30ml

All products in our 30ml selection are 100% premium Hangsen e-liquids for vaping enthusiasts. Make your choice from the variety of different 30ml e-liquid flavours and enjoy your vaping session.

Our most common 30ml vape juices are aniseed, apple, banana, blueberry, cherry and so forth. Besides these, we have other exclusive and exotic flavours like the desert ship, flue-cured, Havana tobacco, Hangsen Mint King and Ry4.

If you are starting on vaping or switching from smoking to vaping, we would recommend that you try light flavours available in 30ml e-liquid refills as a start. If you are an avid vaper, try combining different flavours to come up with a combination of your own.

Hangsen E-liquids UK is your one-stop online vape shop that has all the products you want, whether you are a hardcore vaping fan or just a novice. Besides 30ml vape juices, we also have related products available such as coils and other accessories to compliment the flavour and make your vaping session more enjoyable.

We ship products to your doorstep, with every order made before 3 pm  shipped the same day. Our shipping costs are relatively low, with  registered shipping that is cost-effective as well as time-saving.  <- Return