About Hangsen VG

We are happy to announce the availability of several 100ml e-liquid flavours in pure VG form for our enthusiastic vapers and customers.
Vegetable glycerin, or VG, is a thick liquid that makes dense smoke and vapour. It has a slightly lower hit effect on the throat as compared to PG, and is available in 100ml e-liquid refills. The pure VG-made Hangsen vape produce a sweet taste in flavouring to make the experience even better.
Pure VG  is recommended for people who want to enjoy vaping but are sensitive to PG effects, and cannot use it at all. We offer 100ml e-juices for our customers to enjoy the flavour without any sensitive hit effects on the throat.
Our selection of pure VG 100ml e-liquid includes a wide range of  flavours like Desert Ship, Hangsen GoldSilver, Hangsen Menthol, and Ry4. These are some of the most preferred Hangsen vape flavors to enjoy without irritating the throat.
We recommend pure VG flavours for those who have started vaping or have sensitivity issues, since the composition gives a great smoky sensation and great taste. <- Return