Best Vape Juice

When you are looking for the best vaping experience, Hangsen should be your first choice for e-liquids. Available in 90 countries, Hangsen’s e-cigarette and e-liquid products are top-sellers globally. When you buy a Hangsen e-liquid, you get unmatched flavour and uncompromised quality. Only the finest and safest ingredients like Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are used in manufacturing. This means that Hangsen e-liquids contain no harmful DEG or DEHP. Making it the best vape juice money can buy

Vape Juice for Vapers

Hangsen has been with vapers since the beginning of the e-cigarette phenomenon in 2009, listening to the community and developing products that cater to their specific needs. From wide variety of flavours to giving different PG/VG formula options, Hangsen has always innovated for the vapers’ benefit.

For those seeking the authentic cigarette experience, the 70/30 PG-VG e-liquids recreates the throat hit feel that goes with tobacco flavours. For cloud chasers, Hangsen offers Full VG e-liquids that are thicker and give more vapour with more flavour.

More Value than Others

Hangsen understand that vaping is your passion and don’t want it to be out of your reach. That’s why Hangsen e-liquids are available in 100ml volume, providing vapers like you with real value. Our store offers all its flavours in this volume so the vaping fun doesn’t stop and there’s more to share with friends. Check out our website for discount on select flavours.

Authentic Taste, Authentic Approach

Hangsen’s tobacco e-liquids provide the unique and authentic taste of tobacco without the harmful effect of cigarettes. That’s why former cigarette smokers swear by Hangsen’s classic flavours. Hangsen achieves this by using nicotine derived from real tobacco – a feature found in no other brand.

More Flavours, More Choice

Our website features 50 of Hangsen’s best flavours that not only include well-loved classics but also innovative ones that will keep the vaping experience fresh and interesting. From delicious fruity flavours to herbal ones, Hangsen has something for everyone.

Try out Hangsen’s orginal flavours like Caramel Toffee, Double Menthol, Mojito and Irish Cream and find out why vapers keep coming back to Hangsen for more. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can try Hangsen’s combined favours. Choices for vapers don’t end here. If you are planning to end your nicotine dependence, Hangsen offers 0% nicotine variants on all its flavours.

The Hangsen E-Liquids UK Guarantee

Expect your orders to be 100% genuine and of high quality when you buy Hangsen e-liquids from this website. They are also foil-sealed for freshness and child-locked for safety. All our Hangsen e-liquid products carry manufacturing and expiry dates on the unique patented neutral label