Who Are Hangsen

Who are Hangsen

Hangsen was conceived as an upmarket brand way back in the late 2000. It is dedicated to offering customers unbeatable quality e liquids, and quickly took the lead in the vaping industry. It is now the number one global e liquid brand, offering Hangsen E Liquid to more than eighty different countries. Hangsen have establishe majoy manufacturing based in stratigic locations aroung the globe to ensure they remain the number one company to meet the vaping needs of their customers. The Hangsen aim is to provide quality and world-class E Liquids and vaping products

Since the creator of Hangsen manufactured his first e liquid recipe back in the mid 2000 by a process of blending a mix of PG/VG, this successful e liquid recipe has become the trademark of the Hangsen e liquids brand and started the whole vaping industry revolution that we see today. Thanks to the high PG content in many of the e liquids, this produces the perfect mouth to lung vape experience

Since the advancement of medicine it was clear to see that smoking tobacco was killing thousands everyday, the world was crying out for an alternative to smoking, and Hangsen saw the potential of using e cigarettes. Here, for the first time, was a way for smokers to still enjoy the taste and hit of nicotine without all the nasty side effects and smoking related diseases that comes from burning tobacco

The Hangsen PG/VG e liquid mix has now evolved from a basic e liquid flavour into the massive choice customers now have of hundreds of different e liquid flavours. No longer confined to the tobacco flavours, customers can now choose from Fruit flavours, mints, menthols, drinks, cakes and many many more Superb e liquid flavours.

Some of Hangsens best selling e liquids include flavours like the famous Hangsen RY4, USA Mix, Menthol sensation, Blueberry and cherry to mention just a few.

Like all great companies, Hangsen continues to grow and expand it’s business. The Hangsen brand of e liquids remain the number one best selling vape liquids of all time, and will remain at the top of the global market because of its dedication to bring it’s customers the best quality vape products.

Hangsen Users

Why does Hangsen have such a large following, Simple… Natural Taste.

Hangsen use the Natural tobacco extraction technique during the manufacturing process, giving users the taste of real natural tobacco, as opposed to other companies who use synthetic nicotine addatives. There is no comparison between synthetic and natural tobacco. Natural wins hands down every time.

State of The Art Manufacturing

The process of manufacturing Hangsen e liquids is done in high spec labs, using cutting edge manufacturing techniques. Carried out by highly trained and skilled staff, in order to maintain the highest quality level expected from each batch of Hangsen e liquid.