Steeping E-liquid

How and Why you steep E liquid

Steeping Simply means keeping your juice  in a dark, cool place for a given period of time

The main reason for steeping an e liquid is to allow time for the aroma to develop
and mature, offering a better taste from the actual e liquid.  When e liquid is freshly made , it will probably need to be steeped before using.

You might have noticed that when you leave a drink open for a while and sip it later, its taste changes.
This is because the flavour is altered when molecules break down, giving the juice a better flavour.
The liquid might become a bit darker, but this is normal and does not make the liquid harmful in any way, it’s natural.
The process works for most juices. Juices can be compared to some good
wines, they taste better with time!
With many liquids, the longer you leave it to sit (within reason) , the better the  taste.
This is because the flavourings in the liquid are able to blend well for a longer period, resulting in a stronger taste. If your liquid has a  bad taste, then allow it  more time to steep, the chances are it will taste a lot better after a few days. (or longer if needed)
The way to steep your liquid is,
1. Remove the cap and seal From the Bottle
2. Leave it in a cool dark place,
3. During this time, periodically you need to close the container and shake it
in order to blend the flavour.