First experiences can sometimes be disappointing if you are new to anything. Therefore, to make your vaping experience enjoyable and give you that lung-hit smokers crave, these easy steps would guide you on how to vape properly.

Finding e-cigarette liquid that best suits you and then knowing how to use them requires a little effort on your part. This blog helps you to make a cherishable memory from your first vaping experience.

1.   Choosing preferred e-liquid

You have two choices when it comes to e-liquids, PG/VG mix, oa great place to startr 100% VG.  Propylene glycol (PG) vegetable glycerine (VG). The first has an intense flavour, which is quite forceful, whereas the VG gives off plumes of vapour while exhaling.  VG is a much thicker liquid. You have to work around the correct ratio for you so that you get the most pleasure from your first experience. The most common pg/vg ratio is 70:30, a great place to start

2.   Using the Primer Puff

You have to use a heated coil for evaporating the e-liquid. It is the primer puff that initiates the vaping session. You have to press down the button for a few seconds. This is followed by slow inhalation for 2 to 3 seconds.

3.   Does Vaping involve inhaling only?

There is a preconceived notion that vaping involves inhaling. However, this is not true. Nicotine gets absorbed in the soft tissues of the mouth without the need of inhaling. Those who prefer inhaling are usually the ex-smokers who do it out the habit. Whether you inhale the vapour or not, you get the same amount of nicotine absorbed.

4.   Should we take long or short drags?

Since e-cigarettes involve liquid taking short drags would not allow the liquid across the heating element. So short drags are a big NO-NO. You get a much more satisfying experience when you take longer drags, but don’t get all too excited, you can accidentally ingest excess liquid. For beginners, the small drags would be fine.

5.   What is the proper way of vaping?

Those who are new to vaping are always advised to draw on their vaporizer around 3-7 times before holding the vapour in the mouth. Only after this they should exhale directly or inhale the vapour into the lungs. The difference between the regular cigarette and e-cigarette is the lung-hit time. The normal cigarette takes around 8 seconds, while e-cigarettes take 30 seconds, so don’t be impatient.

6.   When should we go for another vaping session?

Wait a couple of minutes before you take another swap at it. The hiatus is to allow the heating element to cool down. Also, it saves you from vapours tongue, i.e. from a sore throat, bud burnout, or irritation.

7.   Is there a right or wrong with vaping?

These methods are just the way to help you follow steps that can give you maximum pleasure. However, there is no definitive way to vape. Every person follows his/her method after a lot of experiments. Whichever method you follow is fine, but with these correct steps, you can make sure that nothing goes wrong.

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